Finally finishing farthest loft floor

The floor in the loft at 414 Stevens has always been rather questionable, so over the years we’ve been improving it bit by bit. Thanks to our Tuesday Night Feast fundraisers, the facilities committee has spent funds to improve the “Textiles” and “A/V” areas in the loft.

While Punxsutawney Phil was staring at his shadow, our Phil helped Tim, Kinsey, Jake, and Tyler (also Lowell) put down new sub-floor and Tardis colored paint for the last 25′ of the loft. This, of course, displaced a lot of stuff, so all of the loft will be mostly unusable for the next week or two. Thanks again to all that helped worked and helped make this possible.



  1. Awesome! How long did it take just to move all that stuff somewhere else? Sheesh! It’s also pretty awesome how his tshirt matches that paint color. Was that planned or what?

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