This episode of Hackerspace Digest comes to you from a hotel room in Nashville! A bunch of us from Makers Local 256 attend the annual conference Phreaknic. JimShoe, Brimstone, Tuttle, Enabrintain, and myself attempt to stream live, and give some highlights of the event: hardware key-loggers, unsolved crypto puzzles, and bacon!

We cover technological advances in hackerspaces such as: a Lucky Charms sifter, bathroom window displays, lawyers as art, and pen-plotters made of hopes, dreams, and epoxy.

We may come off a little disorganized this episode, some of us MAY have had a drink or two…

As usual, the notes are on the wiki.


Many members of Makers Local 256 like to come up with crazy ideas. A few also like to write down those crazy ideas and keep track of progress on our wiki. An interesting fact about our wiki though: It predates us having a space, in fact, it predates us even having a name for our organization. (you can find discussion of possible names on our wiki.)[1]

Our wiki instance was installed on July 31 2006. It was originally instantiated to document one person’s projects, but was quickly opened up to friends to record their activities. Without knowing it, the shop was starting to follow the Design patterns [2] before actually forming.

Through out it’s current run, the wiki’s not strayed too far from it’s vanilla MediaWiki installation. We’ve added a handful of extensions to it over time[citation needed], to add in our mass collaboration. We’ve migrated from a real machine to a virtual machine, from vm host to vm host. We’ve constructed bots to report on changes, even devised a way of building an ICS compatible feed from content on each of the pages.

Our latest endeavor is to further build upon the Semantic MediaWiki Extensions[3]. We want to make adding and editing projects and events easier and more friendly for our less wiki-adept members.

Here’s to another 5 years!

Makers Local 256 show and tell is when we encourage members and guest to tell us about their current projects or neat new toy. We hope this will become a regular occurrence at our shop, and be a source of fun and inspiration.

This week, Phil added a heated bed to the makerbot. This greatly reduces the chance and the amount of curling in the first few layers of plastic, as it cools.

Tim recently finished designing a new circuit board that will become a two-factor authentication token. He’s using gEDA-PCB to create the board, with comes form schematics made by Matt. Tim also managed to spend some time showing off his new (and jailbroken) Kindle 3.

 Nathan explained his quest for finding the best remote backup solution.  First duplicity, then rdiff-backup with sshfs -> encfs, then rdiff-backup with sshfs->eCryptfs.  And restore rdiff-backup using archfs. The end goal is an off-site backup that is encrypted, but still manageable on a per-file level.

Wayne just finished up his Subject Delta costume. For those unfamiliar with “Subject Delta” It is a video game character from the game Bioshock 2. For those unfamiliar with Wayne, or 2storyprops, they achieve an insane amount of detail on all their props and costumes. seriously check out the photo link bellow.

Makerbot Heated BedTim's latest circuit boardSubject Delta


Come one, come all.
See the wonders of ancient 3D printers unearthed at the Makers Local 256!
Be amazed by a printing technology unseen since nineteen hundred and ninety seven A.D.!
Marvel at the rugged construction that can be left in a barn for nearly 15 years!
Gasp as this once dormant design device springs to life, fresh from the packaging*
See it live tonight only! (videos posted later this week)

Today, May 16th, After our regular monthly meeting, We will be throwing a little party to celebrate unboxing of a BPM 2100 Personal Modeler that we received last week, still in it’s original shipping create. Meeting starts at 7:30pm, the event will be directly after the meeting finishes. Drink a beer, reminisce about the 90’s, and talk 3D printers until we get tired and go home. (some of us have to work in the morning, I know.)

Moe is waiting to be unpacked, Curly's broken, but it's ok, Shemp can step up to keep things running.

*This printer is not guaranteed functional or “fresh”. Packaging is open to the elements. Frankly it’s a long shot, but hey, we’ve got ~4 of these puppies, and we can probably get one of them moving again that night.

Oh, and by the way… We have moved and will hold the meeting and the party at the new shop:
414 Stevens Ave.