Alabama now allows gay marriage. There will be a big event next week, February 9-13th, at the court house square here in Huntsville to celebrate this. The organizers of this event are asking for people to donate their services, i.e. catering, photography, music, and so on.

Several members of the shop will be using the usual knitting session time this Saturday to make flowers for this event. We will be starting around 2pm at the shop. Some materials that can be used are origami, paper, clay, laser cut, knit, crochet, fabric, etc. If you can make it or want to lend a hand or just drop off materials, please come to Makers Local 256 starting at 2 pm this Saturday, February 7th.

Tomorrow (Saturday, January 31, 2015), Brian Pappas and Tyler Crumpton will be teaching a class on how to build an RC quadcopter from off-the-shelf components. A few sets of parts have been purchased by some individuals, and we’ll be assembling those while going over how the machines work and operate.

The quadcopters can carry small action cameras like the GoPro for recording some pretty amazing aerial footage! The class starts at 1PM and there is no cost to attend. For more information on the class or the parts used in the builds, check out the wiki page for the event.

Here’s a teaser video of the quadcopter we’ll be building (slight differences):

smeltingPurityMembers of Makers Local 256 have been using a propane\waste-oil forge to smelt down computer heat sinks, aluminum cans, and various scrap aluminum into usable ingots for casting.  A friend of Makers Local borrowed one of the aluminum ingots to run through his spectral analyzer and determined that the smelting process has been yielding around 98% pure aluminum.

The hutch in its final resting place.
The hutch in its final resting place.

A while back, I discovered I needed more shelving and counter top space in my kitchen, so I decided to build what you see to the right. The hutch is made of “natural”-stained red oak sanded to 600 grit with 4-5 layers of polyurethane depending on the piece. The counter top is made of manufactured granite which is really just polished concrete. The wood structure is held together with dowels and wood glue.
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