Winter is coming, and with it, cooler weather.  This year Retro Gaming and Computing Night has moved from July to October.  Same rules still apply (all games and systems released prior to 2000).

There will be all kinds of systems and games, SNES, SEGA, NES, GameBoy, Atari, as well as Amigas and other computers. We may even have a LAN setup for old school games like Duke Nukem 3D and Starcraft. We will also have the grill going. Feel free to bring your own systems and/or games.

Please come join us, play some games, meet new people and see our new space. Also, remember your donations will help us continue to do events like these.

October 18, 2013 4pm-2am
414 Stevens Ave.
Huntsville, AL 35801

Retro Gaming & Computing Night 2014

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Makers Local was invited to set up a table at the Robotics Day that SciQuest held at their facility last Saturday! At our table, we had a pair of quadcopters, three fighting sumo robots, the legs of a bipedal walking robot, a dinosaur bot, a bluetooth-controlled LEGO robot, a Printrbot Simple Metal printing out robot parts, and a control station for driving a telepresence robot down at Auburn University! Kids and parents both loved seeing all of the different robots, and we definitely enjoyed showing them all off! Special thanks goes out to SciQuest for inviting us, and to Tim, Charlotte, Jesse, Hunter, Brian, Dusty, and Kirstin for coming to help out at the table! Super-special thanks to Dr. Roppel and others down in the Cooperative Robotics Lab at Auburn University for providing access to the telepresence robot and being there all day to talk with people!

Interested in game development? Makers Local 256 is organizing a real-world gathering and team for participating in this weekend’s Ludum Dare competition! If you’re not a programmer or game designer, don’t worry; teams need artists, musicians, writers, testers, bloggers, social media, fresh ideas, gamer know-how, and probably other things, too! The 72-hour team competition runs from 8pm CST Friday, April 25th, until 8pm CST Monday, April 28th. The 48-hour solo competition runs from 8pm CST Friday, April 25th, until 8pm CST Sunday, April 27th.

Visit the website to find out more about Ludum Dare and to vote for the theme, which will be announced at the opening of the competition tonight!

We suggest being at the shop at 7pm if possible to begin organization and prepare before then. We’ll be live-blogging the event on the Ludum Dare 29 wiki page. We’ll have a webcam up for streaming on Charlaxy’s Twitch stream, in addition to the shop cameras.

Hope to see you there with your game-making faces on.